PlaneEnglish -


The Aviation industry is growing at a rapid rate globally. Aircraft are getting more advanced and the increased complexity increases workload for crew members. Effective communication becomes even more important and critical to safe operations.

Our team has developed a learning tool based on speech recognition and a vast database of aviation communication recordings. Our applications algorithm is designed to recognize voice commands and to reply back to the learner with passing or failing grade. Our technical support and development team will closely monitor the application as well as the learner’s progress. Participants can get help or ask questions by using one of our social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, or using live chat.  The application consists of 5 learning modules and a quiz at the end of each module. Topics get progressively more difficult as the user advances to the next module. Modules are, aviation alphabet, taxi clearances, ATIS recordings, IFR communication, and VFR communications. By completing the program learners will be granted with a certificate.