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Eren Hadimioglu

Airport / Airline Management and Flight Operations



The field of aviation has intrigued me since I was very young. I find the different areas of the aviation industry, including air traffic control, airport management, airline operations, and, certainly, piloting an aircraft, to be exciting areas to build a fulfilling career in. My positive sentiments towards an aviation career have been partly influenced by the lives of some of my relatives who are pilots and airport managers. When one witnesses such people work in mentally and physically exhausting jobs, and yet, sees in their eyes the permanent fulfillment they get from it, it is hardly unimpressive. Besides my enthusiasm for career in aviation, I also trust that I possess the requisite personal qualities and skills to be successful at it. I believe that I am a very hardworking person with acute practical and people skills that I have acquired over the years working in a variety of jobs that hone such abilities. I also believe I am a quick thinker, an apt multitasker, and a problem solver. Some of the most satisfactory moments in my working life have been those when I was called upon to tackle an issue that needs immediate attention, for which I had to quickly mobilize, coordinate with, and consult relevant persons in order to produce an effective solution. I believe that the aforesaid qualities and skills are essential in a person for a successful career in Aviation industry.

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Eren Hadimioglu

Favorite Quotes

  • Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.

    - Socrates
  • The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.

    - Warren Bennis
  • He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander

    - Aristotle


Having cultivated an excellent record of success producing significant results as a student, flight dispatcher, and through development of aviation terminology IOS application, I have been acknowledged for readiness to always go above-and-beyond to achieve objectives. Additionally, my solid talents in aviation regulations, expert computer software use, and thorough statistical analysis will allow me to immediately excel with your organization.


The following is just a small selection of my qualifications and accomplishments:

  • Created innovative IOS application for aviation terminology utilization as aid to
    non-native English speaking aviation professionals.
  • Developed FOQA process workflow through thorough analysis of information pulled from aircraft data recorders.
  • Successfully coordinated project execution for multiple student teams developing
    autonomous ramp operations for Delta Airlines.


Decision Making

Problem Solving


Time Management




Founder & Developer

August 2015 - Current

Establish and grow software company focused on assisting with utilization of aviation terminology through creation of innovative application. Software release expected 2017.

  •        Enhance communications between non-native English speaking pilots and air traffic controllers through design
    and execution of aviation vocabulary IOS application.

  •        Continuously engage in research and development for implementation of application improvements. Conducted investigation with Turkish Airlines and communication flow with air traffic controllers to further improve application capacity.

  •        Utilize multiple software applications for design; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe    Illustrator, and XCode.
Purdue University

Flight Dispatcher

August 2013 - Current

Offer flight operation assistance through scheduling and coordination with multiple teams and agencies ensuring compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

·       Orchestrate flight instruction schedules assigning appropriate instructors per student skill level.

·       Engage in coordination of aircraft maintenance for successful compliance with policies and regulations.

·       Aircraft fleet: Cirrus
SR-20, SR-22, and Embraer Phenom 100 light jet

Purdue University

Professional Pilot

August 2009 - Current

 Frozen ATPL Candidate (EASA)

Purdue University

Aviation Research Leader

August 2013 - December 2015

Engaged in multipleprojects as research team leader for development of studies through effective leadership strategies and timely objective achievement. Research conducted in areas of revenue, management, parts and service, and scheduling.

·      Generated novel process workflow for Republic Airways flight operational quality assurance based on thorough data analysis of the aircraft fleet data recorders. Data reviewed, analyzed, and compiled ahead of schedule and reported to the company’s top leadership. Aircraft fleet: ERJ 170/175/190/1200, EMB 145, and Q400

·      Coordinated multiple research teams through development of Delta Airlines autonomous ramp operations resulting in significant reduction on incident related costs.  Provided peer-to-peer feedback as needed.

Vienna Coffee House & Bakery

Marketing Director

March 2009 - December 2011

Charged with management of general business operations well established company.

·   Supervised all staff activities, engaged in marketing strategies for customer engagement and retention, and worked on financials.

·      Engaged in effective customer service strategies.

·      Controlled supply costs through engaging in negotiations with vendors.


Purdue University

Bachelors of Science Aviation Management

January 2010 - December 2015
Relevant Course Work
A study of the subject areas and information needed to operate as a private pilot in the aviation environment. The FAA private pilot written exam will be offered to those who qualify.
A study of the operation of flight instruments and radio navigation aids, federal aviation regulations pertinent to instrument flight, meteorology, instrument charts, instrument flight planning, and air traffic control procedures. Preparation for the FAA Instrument Rating written examination.
This course is designed to develop a higher degree of coordination and judgment through additional experience in more advanced flight maneuvers and cross-country flying under part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.
This course prepares the pilot to familiarize with more advanced cockpit environment and multi crew management.
The course is designed to review the principles of flight, aircraft systems, pertinent federal aviation regulations, and airman publications and service in order to prepare the student for the FAA Commercial Pilot written examination.
Cirrus Standardization course
An in-depth study of aircraft components and operation with an emphasis on transport category aircraft. Systems covered include fuel, environmental, fluid-power, flight control, fire protection, ice-control, warning, and auxiliary power. Practical projects utilize small ad transport-category aircraft.  
This course explores the fundamental concepts affecting decision-making, communications, leadership styles, and crew coordination in the cockpit. Topics include stress management, situational awareness, and conflict resolution. Case study presentations and team-building will be emphasized.
This course explores the fundamental concepts of single pilot and multi-crew human factors issues. The first part of the course focuses on the physiological factors that affect single pilot aeronautical decision-making. The second part examines human error, threat and error management, and domains of crew resources management. The third segment utilizes team-building exercises, case study presentations, and a formal assignment to emphasis course learning outcomes.
An introduction to the technical procedures involved in the development and operation of the air traffic control system. Instrument procedures and design will be covered. Weather theory as pertaining to ATC will be discussed, along with observation and dissemination systems used by the FAA and NWS.
This course includes a review of air traffic control procedures, federal aviation regulations, and aviation weather observation and reporting. It is designed to prepare students to pass the FAA Control Tower Operators Examination.
 This course is designed for students who are preparing for careers as professional pilots or
dispatchers and require an advanced knowledge of the impact of weather on aviation operations.


This course is an introduction to propulsion systems used in aerospace vehicles. The student will learn terminology, component parts, and operational theory of propulsion systems. Course topics covered are reciprocating and turbine engine operation theory as well as rocket propulsion systems. Including electrical, fuel, fire, ignition and lubrication. Operational and regulatory fuel requirements are discussed. Emerging technologies and environmental practices will be explored.
This course covers the design, construction, operation, and overhaul practices of aircraft
reciprocating and small gas-turbine engines. Airworthiness evaluation,fault-isolation techniques, and standard service and maintenance practices are emphasized. Dimensional and visual inspection and testing of engines following overhaul are stressed, as well.
 This course focuses on aviation fuels, including engine operation with fuel, combustion principles, chemistry, exhaust emissions, and fuel testing procedures. Additionally, the topics of greenhouse gases, global warming, oil reserves, fuel costs, and other factors driving the development of alternative aviation fuels will be covered. Current research in these areas will be discussed and testing procedures will be studied. Students will research new fuels in development, and will analyze the sustainability and potential for success promised by the new technologies in comparison with existing fuels.
This course is a study of the history and development of contemporary airport facilities. Areas of study will include FAA airport design requirements, master plans, and airport operations. Field trips may be required.
 This course prepares students for the certified manager exam offered by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). This certificate is the first step toward industry accreditation as an airport manager and director.


A study of the fundamental legal and aviation law principles as they apply to the various participants in the aviation industry. Special emphasis is placed on contemporary aviation law issues such as pilot, flight instructor, and mechanic liability; product liability; and aviation insurance.


F. A. A.

Private Pilot

May 2012
Federal Aviation Administration
Instrument and Commercial Pilot (Pending)
F. A. A.

1st Class Medical Cert.

July 2014
Federal Aviation Administration
A. A. A. E

Academic Member

January 2014
American Association of Airport Executives
Academic Member and C.M candidate.


Gozdem Kilaz

Assistant Professor, School of Engineering Technology (SOET) Purdue University

Eren is a brilliant young professional with great educational background and strong interpersonal skills. He will be a unique asset to his future employer...


Eren Hadimioglu
Lafayette, Indiana Area

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